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7/23/2014 - Summer is here and the grapes are looking lovely!  Table grapes are almost ready - maybe another week.  We were able to get away for a short vacation and everything ran smoothly, thanks to our great staff (I don't think anyone missed us but the barn cat!).  More great music on the weekends, plus we are gearing up for our 5th Annual Birthday Party for the Tasting Room, with harvest season just behind!  The year is speeding by, as usual.

6/5/2014 - We are now getting into the full swing of our summer season!  Our 2013 whites have been released and we have added Viognier, Traminette, and Sweet Daisy back to our tasting repertoire!  We have some great music lined up for the month, so plan on coming out to enjoy a relaxing weekend!

5/9/2014 - We seem to have jumped from winter to summer overnight!  From barely making into the 60s to high 80s.  The poor grapevines are very confused, but they have decided it's time for bud break anyway!  Moussa has done the first spraying of the season, and the new lambs are settling in, although I can't say as much for the older ewes who think they have been invaded by space aliens and run away anytime the lambs come close.  Our Music Under the Arbor series starts up next weekend with one of our local favorites, Time, and before you know it, the summer season will be in full swing!  We'll look forward to seeing you!

3/26/2014 - Winter just doesn't want to give up!  Hopefully, yesterday was our last snow (we got about 3 inches) and the cold blast will end tomorrow.  It's been a real yo-yo.  Due to all the cold and snow, Moussa is behind on pruning, so nice days find him busy out in the vineyard with dogs and chickens keeping him company.  No bud-break yet, but the sap is starting to run!

3/1/2014 - We are looking forward to welcoming everyone as we start our 5th full season!  The winter has been long and cold and we can't wait for Spring.  The whole month of March has been designated Virginia Wine & Dine month, so be sure to enjoy!

1/22/14 - This year we decided to stay open on Saturdays and Sundays during the months of January and February and it's been great to have everyone come by and join us by the fireplace!  This is a very cold winter, with single digit temperatures on several occasions, and we are even getting some snow to make it worthwhile!  Hope everyone stays warm! 

11/20/13 - Fall has definitely arrived with it's cool day temperatures and cold nights!  We have the fires going in the tasting room and the fire pit to help you keep warm while enjoying some wine.  The last of the wine has been pressed, our ice-wine, Sweet Daisy, and we are busy preparing the vineyard for the coming winter months while the wines are cooking in the cellar. 

10/7/13 - Most of the grapes are harvested; only the Norton is left.  It's been beautiful harvesting weather, with no rain until now.  But it looks like fall has finally arrived, along with the cold temperatures as well.  Leaves are changing and it's colorful wherever you look!  This is one of the best times of the year to come out to the valley and visit!

9/12/13 - Now that we are in September, summer has finally arrived with sunny days and hot, humid temperatures!  I guess better late than never.  We are already in full harvest swing - the Pinot is harvested, as is the Seyval at our annual Pick 'em & Stomp 'em (check out the pictures in the scrapbook).  The weather was gorgeous and we had a good turnout and thank everyone who showed up to help us harvest.  This weekend is the Traminette, with Chardonnel, Viognier, and Merlot all following close behind - it's going to be a busy month or two!

8/12/13 - ...and the rain keeps coming!  At least we are now at just a little every day or every other day.  But we do need the sunshine to sweeten up the grapes.  Our table grapes are now ready for eating and for sale in the tasting room - you've never had grapes so good!  The Seyval looks like it recovered enough from our freeze to have a nice harvest, so be sure to plan on joining us for the Pick 'em & Stomp 'em on the 31st! 

7/2/13 - I'm beginning to think we live in Washington state with all this rain!  Two weeks off and on and no end in sight - we need to dry out!  Summer is off to a great start with Mother Nature once again cooperating with us for our Music Under the Arbor series (we can always go to the crush pad in inclement weather, but it's just a lot nicer under the arbor!).  Both Time and Me & Martha had great weather and turnouts, and we've also had a few wedding reception groups enjoying themselves here as well! 

7/1/12 - RIP Sweet Daisy. The terrible news is that Daisy died unexpectedly Friday morning.  Anyone who has been to our tasting room met her as she loved to keep us company there and meet all our guests (and get belly rubs from them!).  She leaves a very big hole.


We are located in the Shenandoah Valley off of U.S. 340 Business between Luray and Elkton just outside of the town of Stanley.

From Luray, VA:  Use 340S Business through the town towards Stanley.  Approximately 6 miles south of Luray, turn left on 624 (Hawksbill Dr), then left on 689 (Marksville Rd). 

From Charlottesville, VA:  Take 29N to Ruckersville, then 33W to Elkton.  In Elkton, take 340N approximately 13 miles, then take 340N Business to Stanley.  Shortly after crossing the RR tracks, turn right on 689 (Chapel Rd) which turns into Marksville Rd. 

From Harrisonburg, VA:  Take 33E to Elkton. In Elkton, take 340N approximately 13 miles, then take 340N Business to Stanley.  Shortly after crossing the RR tracks, turn right on 689 (Chapel Rd) which turns into Marksville Rd. 

We are on the right in the middle of the curve after passing Pine Grove Rd, in the white Victorian with the light purple shutters.  The tasting room is in the back!  Custom Directions.

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